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wimbledon pilates
Marie Kidwell

I started pilates in my 20s whilst working as a lawyer in the City.  With regular travel, I enjoyed the ability to practice wherever I was in the world. I was also impressed by the positive changes in my body and relished the mental and physical challenges that pilates offers.


After reaching Partner at my law firm, and with several years of pilates practice under my belt, I made a big change and went full-time into pilates – first training as a Body Control Pilates teacher before teaching at a leading studio.  I've been lucky enough to train and work with some of the world’s most recognised teachers and I love keeping abreast of the latest trends and developments.


My approach is to engage students with constantly varied and challenging exercises specific to their needs.  Having studied anatomy, I've developed a really good knowledge of the connection between the types of exercises and their effects on injury correction & prevention, weight loss and muscle development. My students come from many different backgrounds ranging from accomplished athletes to people with very little time to exercise.


I'm passionate about pilates and want students to feel the positive benefits for their mind and body after every session.

"Marie is an amazing teacher - clear with her instructions, enthusiastic and encouraging. She clearly comes from a place of knowledge and understanding and it's simply lovely being taught by such a passionate Pilates instructor."  Lucy Hyslop - Journalist


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